Israel Is At War

How can I stand with Israel today?

You can help Israelis unite by providing lifesaving support and hope to thousands of soldiers and displaced families.

Liora, mother of a poverty-stricken family

Family displaced from Be’eri

Do you want to help all of
Israel’s people?

From elderly Holocaust Survivors, to displaced or grieving families, soldiers risking their lives, and single mothers living in poverty – you can give them the critical aid and care they need to keep going.

Avi and Mila, family of a murdered soldier

Ori, displaced girl from Metula

How Meir Panim has changed lives since October 7th:

October 2023

  •  15,000 meals a day for IDF soldiers
  • Thousands of packs of gear and first aid
  • Helped hundreds of displaced families
  • Thousands of daily meals to those in towns under constant rocket fire

8 days of Chanukah

  • Thousands of packages with treats and Menorahs to those in need and the families of the hostages
  • Parties with donuts, decor, and treats
  • Special party just for Holocaust Survivors

January 2024

  • BBQs for 100,000 soldiers
  • Daily meals for 6,000 soldiers
  • Over 300,000 essential care packages
  • Over 5,000 pillows and mattresses
  • Over 10,000 fleece jackets!
  • Outfitted 134 security teams of border communities!


  • Hosted holiday meals for hundreds in 2 branches.
  • 2.4 million shekels in prepaid grocery cards
  • 30,000 Seder holiday meals for IDF soldiers, displaced families, and those in poverty
  • 18,000 pantry boxes!

Who can think about preparing food when you buried a child yesterday? How can a displaced mother prepare dinner for her children when she has to move apartments again?

Access to nutritious food is a basic need that so many Israelis struggle to find. Kosher, gluten-free, or vegan – help us provide delicious meals to all who are in need.

We provide thousands of meals each day to anyone who reaches out:

Families in their
week of mourning

IDF soldiers fighting
on the front lines

Home bound
Holocaust Survivors





Family members of the hostages

Families / victims of terror attacks

Those in depths

of poverty

Our help in numbers


soldiers are fed daily




soldiers fed at BBQs


essential care packages for soldiers


essential care packages for soldiers


meals made since the war began


evacuated families from the South being supported daily

How Meir Panim Is Supporting
Hundreds of Thousands of IDF Soldiers

Inspiring and Supporting

We find joy and hope through this darkness as we plan uplifting events for thousands of soldiers. Meir Panim has organized endless BBQs, lavish brunches, spa days, fun activities, and even a wedding!

Essential items

We have delivered over 300,000 essential care packages of deodorant, shampoo, personal care products, socks, underwear, snacks, toiletries, sleeping bags, sweaters, and more to soldiers!

Gear for the Frontlines

We’ve provided flashlights, tactical gloves, bulletproof ceramic vests, helmets, and gear for thousands of IDF soldiers and over 130 security teams for towns and cities near borders threatened by possible infiltration.

First Aid

We’ve distributed thousands of first aid kids, and other medical essentials such as compact bandages, leukoplast, blister plasters, and lifesaving CAT tourniquets.

Compact Nutrition

Beyond over 1 million meals for IDF soldiers, we’ve also donated thousands of snacks and energy-packed protein bars designed to fit into uniforms and vests for soldiers on the battlefield.

Providing for Evacuated 

Families from the South

Over 100,000 families were forced to leave their homes near the Gaza border, many of them had their homes burned down by terrorists and have lost everything they owned. Meir Panim has been providing 2,000 of them everything they need, A to Z, apartments, furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, household goods, and of course daily hot meals.